Astrology Charts

Are you in the process of making some big
decisions about a Specific Issue?

Perhaps, your really clear about some areas of
your life but can’t seem to figure out the others?

  • Career problems
  • Health challenges
  • Relationship issues
  • Major life changes
  • Life direction

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone
else tell you what is the best choice for you?

You just don’t know what the right choices are. Scared to make the same mistakes. Feel like you just don’t know what to do? So you feel frozen and stuck staying right where you are because you are afraid to make another mistake?

  • Having trouble figuring out your direction in life?
  • Wondering why am I here and what should I be doing?
  • Feeling you have hidden talents but don’t know how to access them?
  • Am I with the right partner?
  • What is best for my health?
  • At a crossroad and don’t know which way to go?
  • Difficulties with your job?
“Incredible insight and wisdom. Her astrological reading of me was right on and so very helpful. Thank you Debbie!”
“Hi!! I have had some issues with things from my past. I had several things I needed guidance and clearing and learning about and had no idea what to do and nothing was making sense. I went to Debbie and had an astropsychology session and a reading. WOW, things really started to make sense to me and I got some much needed guidance,information and HELP!!! I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who needs information, guidance and peace of mind. She is the BOMB!!!!! Love it!!”
Sallye M
Baton Rouge, LA

Did you know that the wisdom of
your soul chose your path?

Think about how wonderful it would be to have a map in front of you that points you in the right direction all the time!

Just imagine how empowered you will feel knowing that you are moving in the right direction for yourself.

How would you like to claim the blessings
that your soul chose for you?

  • Did you know you have good karma?
  • Do you know where yours is and how to access it?
  • Do you know your perfect marriage partner?
  • Do you know what benefits your health and well being?
  • Do you know what profession would suit you best?

Astrology is a blueprint of what your soul chose for you to experience this lifetime!

With astrology you can:

  • Know your direction in life
  • Feel confident that you are moving in the right direction
  • Discover your Soul’s purpose
  • Make sound decisions
  • Find your best fit for a partner or significant other
  • Find answers to health challenges

The system of astrology that I work with is called Astropsychology. It is based on the work of the great visionary Nostradamus with emphasis on the cycles of the moon and their impact within our everyday life. In my own search to understand myself and others ,this system has shown to be one of the most accurate in revealing the true nature of the self. Using this system, we can understand your “UCI” or Unique Celestial Identity. Your astrological chart is a snapshot of the stars you were born under. It is also a map of what your soul chose to accomplish this lifetime. God has written the messages to us in light. For those who can interpret the messages, your chart provides a wealth of information to help you maximize the benefits and minimize the challenges. When we are aware of the energies at play, it is much easier to navigate through them. If we are unaware of them, we are subject to their influence for better or worse. Knowledge is power!

Did you know that Nostradamus was one of the world’s
most profound astrologers to ever live?

His predictions are still happening today!

In your reading we will cover the 12 compartments of your life.

  1. YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE (Why are you here?  What is your  real mission in this present life?)
  2. YOUR FINANCIAL POTENTIAL (How you make money, your self-esteem)
  3. YOUR MIND (How you communicate, mental thinking, depression, writing, learning and teaching gifts etc.)
  4. YOUR HOME (Your upbringing and your relationships with your family members, real-estate endeavors.)
  5. YOUR LOVE LIFE (Love attractions, your creativity, children and speculation, artistic talent.)
  6. YOUR WORK AND HEALTH (Your service to the world and also your health and work matters.)
  7. YOUR MARRIAGE (Contracts, Partnerships, attraction to others, your best marriage partner.)
  8. YOUR INCORPORATED ENDEAVORS (Your sex life, investments, legacy, Indian past lives.)
  9. YOUR EDUCATION (Teaching, publishing, traveling, your luck with foreigners and foreign lands, traveling.)
  10. YOUR CAREER (Public standing, accomplishments, how to reach your goals spiritual laws etc.)
  11. YOUR WISHES (Your friends, your potential as a group leader, how to establish all your wishes.)
  12. YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS (How to use the Supra-conscious productively, your past, hidden affairs, spirituality.

Wouldn’t you like to feel confident in your life choices?

Your chart can give you all the tools you need!

You can keep wondering which direction to go in or you can have the perfect map that is specific to you to guide the way!

Why wait and deal with the same old patterns when you can start  changing your life now!

Make your appointment and gain the wisdom of your soul now!

When you order your chart you will receive a 90 minute reading and a recording of the session plus a 30 page report. As a bonus you will receive my free ezine with lots of great tips, techniques, and information you can easily apply to your life that will help smooth out the rough patches!

1 Person Reading $225.00

In addition to doing your own chart, there are many other things you might want to find out, how you interact with your children, how they think and learn. The best way to connect with your spouse or significant other ( compatibility), creating the most profitable relationship with you and your business partner!
  • The most detailed parenting information available
  • Create the relationship of your dreams
  • Turn challenges into blessings
  • When to make the right decisions in business

In addition to doing a reading and getting a chart for yourself you can add any of these services now or add them after your reading.

Astrology for Children

Have you read all the parenting books and are still confused as to what is the right course for your child?

All of those parenting books cannot give you the specific guidance you are looking for as each child is unique. His or her chart gives you the UCI (unique celestial identity) that is specific to your child only. The insight provided in this reading can save you so much time, frustration, arguments, and heartache. Knowing what your child chose for his or her path this lifetime is a God sent. Depending on where in the chart, certain planets are located, tells you about their learning process, skills, blessings, career options and also where their biggest challenges will be. This information can save you lots of time in trying different methods to see what will be most beneficial to you and your child.

Wouldn’t you like to know how your child takes in information?

I will clearly outline this process so you will be  able to help in the easiest and most beneficial ways!  This information is invaluable to any parent to assist their child to be the best that they can be!

Only $225.00

Astrology Compatibility Chart

Have you had one bad relationship after another?

Finding true happiness with our partners can sometimes be difficult. With this information I will take both charts and give you a reading on how to capitalize and expand on the things that are working in the relationship. You will also learn where the difficulties are and how to work with this energy in a way that can turn the challenges into  blessings! When we understand the path our partner has chosen we can be more supportive of the process instead of getting frustrated with them. This reading is for couples and also business partners.

Have you seen friendships fall apart when they enter into business together?

Checking out the information before going into business with a friend can save the friendship!  Have you seen friends decide to go into business with each other? Next thing you know they are not able to agree on anything. One or the other decides to leave and this ruins the friendship and costs both of them lots of time and money. Don’t let this happen to you. A comparison reading will give you the information you need to make the right decision!

Only $225.00

Astrology Package

This is a great investment for a family! You could gift an astrology reading to a friend or family member. This package includes 3 charts of your choice. You could have your chart, your spouses and then a comparison chart done or you could have your chart, your spouse and child’s chart with this package. You must have your personal chart done first to have a comparison or solar return done for you. As a bonus I will gift you an astro-cartography session free! ($125.00 value) You pay $675.00.

Additional charts with this package are $200.00 each.

Only $675.00

Wouldn’t you like to live in an area that could support  you finding love, money, or better career opportunities?

Astro-cartography is a service that explains how your astrological lines affect you living in any particular city, state, or country. Our lines are mapped out through our personal astrology chart and will be different for each individual. With this service you could

  • Find love faster
  • Have the perfect career opportunities
  • Have the blessing in your chart activated
  • Write the novel you are dreaming about

If you think that your life is not unfolding the way you would like it to be, you might want to know if where you are living is affecting your progress!


Wouldn’t it be nice to move to an area that will support you finding love, money, career, etc?

Astro-cartography allows you to find the location where you can best maximize your life. I can help you discover the ideal location where you can enjoy more love, wealth, health, success, friends, family or any other goal you would desire. Our astrological lines are determined by our birth chart. Some lines are more beneficial to live under and can provide us with the energy to achieve our dreams, goals and wishes. Have you ever gone somewhere and noticed that it felt really good and light to be there? Maybe you noticed that it didn’t feel so good in other places. You might have been under planetary lines that would affect the way you feel. This chart helps you when you are thinking of moving to another location.

Wouldn’t it be nice to move to an area that will support you finding and living your hearts desires?

If things are not working out where you live, you may want to have this service to see what influences are affecting you.

Only $125.00

“I met Debbie through an enlighten circle of friends. I was hearing about her many gifts and what a wonderful teacher she is. Finally I was able to join in one evening for her Goddess gathering and what a magical night it was.
Debbie has many gift’s not only her beautiful connection to Spirit, but her Astrology reading was so acquit  I could not get over how talented she is. As her passion, giving heart, and friendship comes through in her teachings as well.
So my friend I wish you much peace, love, and light on your journey,” 

Cindy Rodney
Gonzalas, La.
“I just want to acknowledge you! It’s been over a year since my partner, Wil, and I received an astrology reading, both individually and as a couple, and I cannot say enough about how valuable that information has been for us. We have been able to see clearly where our gifts and our challenges show up in our lives and our relationship. We have come to trust the readings so much so that we are able to draw from the charts and recordings to find solutions to problems and to powerfully plan our projects. We know when it is best to do things separately and when we have a much better opportunity for success by pooling our talents. It is actually fun to see how life is going for us and then to realize it was all there in the charts, then look at one another and say, oh, no wonder! So, thank you, Deb, for being there and for doing what you do. You are a huge contribution.”
Delanne and Wil
Bethlehem, Pa
“I attended one of Debbie’s astrological sessions at the House of Infinity and realized that I needed a “personal” reading.  I made the appointment and everything that Debbie stated was so very accurate.  I was and still am having family problems and she talked about this and gave me very helpful insight into handling it.  I highly recommend Debbie to help you with whatever it is you feel that you need at this time in your life.”
Carol Castille
Baton Rouge, La

I truly enjoyed the reading with you. It felt like you uncovered so much truth about me- things that I do not necessarily voice very often. Things that have been internal battles for years that have been ready too bubble up and receive clear attention. For example, I have spent most of my career in Aquarius land but have long felt that to truly shine will mean to conquer some of my fears, express my creativity, and openly share it with others. Thank you for helping tip me over the edge toward confidence that that is my path.Tyler, Baton Rouge, La.



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