Free Teleclass May 4th, 2014 @2 pm CST/ 12 noon PST/ 3 pm EST

Topic: Meditation:” Make Love to Yourself”

Let’s face it life is stressful and we are not always very kind to ourselves. We live in a busy world and it is important to take some time for yourself. After all if you don’t love you who will?

Are you one of those individuals that has a hard time meditating?

This may be just the class you are looking for! My friend Cindy Bischoff and I will be giving you information about meditation and its benefits. Why it is so important to carve out that time for yourself. This class can show you one of the ways we can be kind and loving to ourselves by giving ourselves the time to relax, recharge and regenerate! Cindy will lead you in a powerful loving meditation to energize your body, mind and spirit. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to experience Cindy’s loving words and guidance as she takes us on a journey to loving ourselves and the body we live in.

In my newsletter I promised you Cindy’s story so here it is as she gave it to me and how she came to finding one of her many gifts:

Two years ago I was fortunate enough to get an astrology reading from Debra Sholly. I had no idea at that time just how gifted she was, but as I look back on that day I am utterly astounded at how accurately she predicted the energy that was coming my way, and profoundly grateful that she gave me the tools I needed to take advantage of the opportunity that presented itself!!

In the reading she told me that over the course of the next two years a latent talent would express itself, that I would get a business partner to help with the endeavor, and that we would be quite successful! Wahoo!!!! Of course, I had no idea what that could possibly be, but I was soon to find out.

Just four months after that reading I was asked to lead a meditation at church one Sunday morning. I did so, and it went alright. Certainly no bells going off. But people told me they loved the quality of my voice. What a lovely compliment, I thought, and left it at that.

Six months later, my friend Kevin Mahdi was in the pulpit, and asked me if I’d lead the meditation at his talk. I said sure, and as I stood at the podium, this time I closed my eyes, opened myself to spirit, and to be perfectly honest, I’m not really sure what came out of my mouth, only that when I opened my eyes and looked out at my dear friends in the congregation they looked back at me with peace and love and bliss that was absolutely palpable!! At the end of the service congregants were hugging me, and telling me how absolutely amazing my meditation was, and that I should consider recording some more!! Really?? Debbie’s words to me ticked at the back of my mind and I wondered if this was the latent gift she saw in reading my astrological chart…

A few months past and another friend, John Hall, asked me to lead the meditation before his talk, with the same response. After that third meditation, the music director, Jude Wilson, came to me and said he had recording equipment, and suggested that we collaborate together to record and distribute my guided meditations. It was then that I KNEW this was the latent talent Debbie foretold!!

Last September we entered his recording studio, and have been working ever since on refining and creating a marketable product, which we will publish to Amazon and iTunes for download on May 1, 2014!!

And now, almost two years to the day after Debbie predicted, my latent talent in designing, creating, and leading guided meditations has expressed itself, Jude Wilson, a brilliant musician, is my business partner, and because of Debbie Sholly’s remarkably gifted insight, I KNOW this endeavor will be successful!!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Debbie!!!

~Cindy L. Bischoff

Embrace each day with gratitude and passion!!


Cindy Bischoff is a writer, teacher, meditator, philosopher, workshop creator, and dancer, with an absolute passion for living life deeply, healthfully, and wholly. She holds a BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Colorado-Boulder, and is also a certified Nia instructor. Cindy leads guided meditations, which can be downloaded from Amazon and iTunes beginning May 1, 2014, and recently launched her blog “The Divine Quest” to examine the human journey to explore, embrace and embody Divine Potential. The Divine Quest is grounded in reality, and as such, she keeps it real by recognizing that everything has its reciprocal. In The Divine Quest, Cindy highlights the work of other’s like herself whose spiritual paths lead them share their gifts to help people heal and find their own beauty. She also shares her struggles and triumphs with the world, so humanity may come to know that the human mind has unlimited potential to heal and create!

Cindy’s website: 


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